Loft'n It


So right when we saw the girls room in the new loft apartment, we knew we were going to have an opportunity to do something with height in their room. It is a generous ~14' x ~14', but with +18' tall ceilings, with a lower 8' soffit area. We could just do a bunk bed, but it seemed like a missed opportunity, and if you know our girls, they were just going to fight about who gets to be up top.

Here are some images from the sketchup model:

bird's eye view from behind to show beds (Mina left, Franca right)

After about a million design options, we decided to go back to our original idea and tuck a bed loft under the 8' soffit. This helps us by putting a natural Mina-proof "cap" on the raised area, just seemed to make sense and be the easiest to construction. (I did do a really great corner option, but it was going to be much more money and complicated to erect.) We wanted to make the area under the loft high enough so that we could all feel comfortable playing under there, but left enough space up top for Franca (who is 42" tall and growing) to sit up in bed. This puts the bed platform at about 60" AFF (above finished floor). You see a beam coming across the room, that will have swings mounted to it.

This is a pretty high platform for the girls to climb a ladder to, so we decided to use the Ikea Trofast storage unit as a stair like many people have done before. We will have to add an extra step at the top though. This will also be great for us (read: me) to get up there in the middle of the night during the inevitable "MOMMA" call.

Frame erected:

We are moving all of our stuff this weekend, so we took last night and lunch hour today to finish erecting the frame. Tomorrow I paint the panels, and then we install Friday or Saturday-ish. To be honest, while I'm sure so people think we could have just thrown some beds in there, it felt really, really good to use all of our tools and skills again. Plus, if you've been following this blog for any time at all, you know we never take the easy route!

Sawdust never smelled so good.

Sorry this post is so rushed, I actually need to be either working or mounting shelves in the entry right now!

Cat Out of Bag

If you follow me on instagram, last week-ish you might had a sneak peek at our latest adventure.

Yesterday we signed the lease on a loft in Midtown. It is above my hair salon, next to a bakery and across the street from both a Spanish tapas place and an ice cream joint, so pretty much heaven. While I really wish we were moving on to something permanent, this will be fun to try out and make sure we want to live in an urban area.

I will be honest and say the suburbs were really hard on me. Working from home with two small kids and no friends, ugh, it is just not the right place. As my wise friend Lindsey said: "[The suburbs] is like how going to Panera is fun a few times, but then you are sort of like, I don't want anymore of their soup."

I'm fully aware living in an urban area with two small kids will also be no cakewalk, but the idea of having things walkable (including Marc's office !), cutting out the driving (preschool is walkable), and being around more diverse people is something we wanted to give a go! (Plus, it will be saving us quite a bit of money.)

We searched for quite a while to find something to fit us. We did have a line on a very raw awesome loft by the river, but in the end the slumlord was a bit too much for us to deal with. The place we ended up with is a lot more sanitized, but it is in an amazing location and is a good size. It doesn't have an outdoor space, which is a bit of a drag, but we will make it work. City kids!

Ok, enough of the text, I know you want to see photos.

~16' ceilings in main living/dining space. Those are new replacement windows, yeah double-paned!

Kitchen (We are so glad to be having a countertop bar again.)

Marc and my lofted bedroom (it looks short in these photos, but it isn't, the space is just big.)

And because you know I am neurotic, here are the floorplans with our furniture placed. We will be building the girls a pretty awesome room including lofted beds, swings, maybe a slide?? More on that later. The whole loft is about 1,300sf.

Lower level  & Upper loft area plans

Exciting right? Let the purging and packing begin!