An Update with a bit of Progress (and a lot of rambling)


Seems like time for another update.

So Marc starts his "real job" on Monday.  We moved here last June in a silly, haphazard fashion both without jobs and not knowing much about the job market here.  The plan was for Marc to get a full-time office job within 3 months.  Despite my relentless nagging, those 3 months stretched into 9 months.

Good news was that he sent his resume to 5 offices, he got interviews at 4.  He then got offers from all 4 of those offices and eventually took the offer from the office he had originally set his sights on.  Pretty good, right? Looks like the job market here is strong and it really helps that his experience is so broad.  (Worked in Detroit, NYC, and Asheville on schools, high-end houses, breweries, restaurants, etc.)

For the time being, I will continue to freelance doing architecture and products for the blind. Work is strong and I love doing it.  Right now I'm working on a book of creatures for blind kids.  It's really fun.

It looks like Marc's first project will be converting an old church into a music venue.  Awesome, right?  Because we are still out in the 'burbs, he will have a ~30 min commute down to Midtown Detroit.  I know that seems like nothing to most people, but we've been walkable to our workplaces for the last 7 years and Marc hasn't had a driving commute since 1998.

We've been busy researching neighborhoods and schools (I've visited 6 already!). We hope to move by June the latest.  We were hoping not to rent again, but it looks like that is how it will flush out.  I'd like to find a place to set up a real studio and surround myself with my beloved various weird machines (3d printer, milling machine, vinyl printer, etc.).

I feel like I need to add that I know some people think we are crazy, but I everyone wants their own type of life and they aren't all the same.  I've recently met a bunch of very normal families living happily in the city.   It has been great to talk to people who know the current ins and outs by living it daily, because Detroit history, ruin porn, and the news paint a pretty grim picture.

A month or so ago, my parents came up for the auto show and I drove them around the city a bit including by a property we have been trying to buy.  Their reactions were pretty fun. My mom thinks we are crazy, but to be fair, my mom has always thought everything I do is crazy! My dad thought it was all so cool and exciting. Wonder where I get my sense of adventure? I'm blaming you Dad!

A big part of me wishing we would have just moved into the city straight-away, but I also realize that testing out the 'burbs while getting our bearings was actually pretty beneficial. That said,  I do feel like we've been in a holding pattern for so long and it is making me nuts. Marc's new job is a step in the right direction though, so at least this update has a bit of progress in it.

What Might Have Been


I went to Asheville last week to meet with our client at her project site (pictured above).  I also got to hang with a bunch of my good friends AND drive around stalking all our houses, lots, potential houses and potential lots.  Here's a little update on things down South.


I'm not sure the people who bought our house are living in it which makes me very, very sad.  It shouldn't because it is just a house, and you know, it's not mine anymore.  But we loved that house. We poured so much into it, and to imagine it sitting empty gives me pause.


remember this little house VERY close to downtown that we lost out on?  Well, a developer out of the Northeastern US bought it (ugh) and have had their hands full.  I'm betting they will still make money on the sale, but they've had to almost completely rebuilt it.  (Iit is inside the Montford Historic District to boot!)  We are talking probably 75% new wood siding, all new foundation walls, new wood piers and new concrete pier foundations.  All new electrical and mechanical systems.  The inside was down to the studs, with many studs having been replaced.
Eek.  It would have been a great house in a great location, but that much work.  Maybe we are lucky we didn't get it after all?


the lot we bought and sold.  A friend of ours designed the house for it.  It is very different from what we would have done, but good to see something happening there!

I was supposed to take a bunch of photos of work Marc and I have done professionally, but the light wasn't right and I didn't have a good camera, so BAH.  I think we are going to have to hire it out.  So those later too!