Tuna Halloween Costume 2007


This is what happens when your husband works from home and his only coworker is your cat (who is named Tuna.)

p.s. Gerry please note that this is what Marc does during lunch when I can't come home. I think you need to call him more. He's lonely.


  1. Your husband is also very talented. Please tell me you are going to make that. Please. I love how he made the back legs a working part of the costume.

    Now, will Tuna cooperate with something like this? Is Tuna very Chuck-like?

  2. The Chuck link didn't work for me (is Chuck a cat too?), but I can say that Tuna will NOT cooperate. My husband is still very jazzed about the idea. He wants me to sew it. It seems like a lot of work for the 5 seconds she would be in it before she scratches our eyes out.... but it might just be worth it to see her tail way the fish tail.

  3. Chuck is a dog and gets photographed everyday by his owner:http://www.dooce.com/archives/daily_chuck/09_19_2007.html
    She's been able to get him to do almost anything. Too bad about Tuna, it would be cute.

  4. OMG for the love of Tunie PLEASE Don't do it! Ok now that I spoke up on behalf of Tuna I would LOVE to see her in that costume. You know...if you have any of the left over medication from the vet to tranquize her you might want to give her some before attempting to put on the costume!


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