More fun, non-renovation stuff


My inlaws are in town, followed by my parents and aunt & uncle next weekend, so we are taking a MUCH needed breather from the renovations.
This also gives us time to save $ for the kitchen, downstairs bathroom renovation. Plus, gives us a break before we tackle the basement full-on. Thanks family, we needed a good excuse!

Anyway, I thought I'd post something fun that I made a couple of weeks ago. I saw this idea online and knew that we MUST have a halloween party, just so I can use these for the invitations.

We left them on people's porches tied in a thick black ribbon.

That is an plaster cast of my actual finger (renovation scars and all). Funny thing is, I had these laying around the living room when the painters were working. No wonder they finished so fast, they probably think I'm some sort of wacko!


  1. These look great. The real wooden box adds a lot of charm. Ive always loved that Martha idea but I feel weird using it for some reason. Maybe next year I'll do a toe with the toe tag.

    How hard was it to make the molds of your finger?

  2. It really wasn't so bad. I made about 4 rubber molds in little solo cups. I could reuse the mold about 5 times each. Good thing is, both materials (the rubber and the plaster) setup pretty fast.


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