BRR08: Check out the "pace" on that one!


I had the distinct pleasure of being in the coolest van to participate in the 2008 Blue Ridge Relay! The BRR is a 208 mile relay race in the Blue Ridge Mountains that happens over 30+hours. This year there were 80+ teams which means around 1,000 runners! The ~12 runner teams start in somewhere Virginia and end in downtown Asheville. The views are breathtaking, the running is demanding, and your teammates slowly go insane due to lack of sleep! There is nothing quite like driving a 15 passenger van on a narrow, winding dirt road in the mountains while following your runner (being careful not to run any over) at 3:30am on 1 hour of sleep! Here's the journey in photos:
Robin "Captain Morgan" on her first leg! Beautiful right?
Our 'marathon' legger, " FiFi" Michelle.
Sumaya, smiling as usual!
Cutest handoff ever!
Mr. Blueberry aka Jeff from "Where's Jeff?" fame.
John "Mr. Sumaya" sweating it out.
The end of my first killer leg.
Team insane Posse II's downtime in a random part in Boone, NC
Robin putting thing in scale for us.
Jeff bookin' through his night run.

And now we get a little crazy...
"He's Naked!" (another theme of our van!)
Tell us how you really feel John.
Doing the electric slide in the middle of the parkway to the song Tootsie Roll.
We were a little delirious going on 1 hour of sleep, so we decided to entertain our last runner and any passing cars!

I'm having a little trouble walking right now, but it was honestly one of the coolest things I have ever done! Until next year BRR, get ready for the return of Team Insane Posse II!