DIY Halloween Invitation How-To


Here's a DIY How-To for my Halloween Invitations:

1. See the idea on a Halloween Invitation Round-up on the Fabulous Adventures in Renovating a Brooklyn Limestone.

2. Google Image is your friend. I think I googled "candy apple razor". This was the original image:

3. Next, "candy apple razor" to make sure that no kids actually ever died from this. (Nope, they didn't. Phew.)

4. Open Photoshop and start adding text. Then, unhappy with the result, email it to your graphics-savy coworkers and get their input. Eureka! Tracy suggests making it look like a real X-ray and printing it on transparent paper. (Maybe this is because she IS a graphic designer.) The digital version:

5. Scour the office for transparent paper that won't melt and ruin the gazillion dollar office printer. Find some that is actually a sticky-back. Well, that should work, we will just leave the backing paper on. Fight with the printer for about an hour. PC LOAD LETTER!?! Try to print it the smaller, cheaper printer and bingo! Here they are 4-up:

6. Next, go home and put the baby to sleep. Cut the 4-up transparencies into 4 separate pieces. Break out the cutting mat and 3" the stack of black cardstock of which the husband somehow magically has an endless supply:

7. Try to cajole husband into cutting, folding, anything. He helps by folding them, but Red Wings hockey is streaming on his computer. So that is about all the work I'm gonna get outta him. Cut a transparency-shaped rectangle out of the folded black paper. Then trim it down to the size of the envelopes that you also "borrowed from" the office.

8. Open your new black frame. Use double-sided sticky tape to adhere the transparency to the frame and close. (Sorry, baby cried, so I didn't get any photos of that part.)

9. Hold this up to the light and admire your work!

I'm really happy with how they turned out. Plus, they were FREE and quick.
I'm hoping next year I can do something more elaborate and along the lines to my severed finger invitation of years past,
but for this year, with an 8 month old baby to take care of, this is good enough!

Now, I have to get ready for the party!

**** Many thanks to Rachel @ Oneprettything for the spotlight!*****


  1. Those are so cool, what a fun idea! Michelle emailed me about these and I'm so glad she did. I would love to link to this if you didn't mind.

  2. This is a very clever idea! I have done zip for Halloween this year.

  3. Love it. I used the same technique (but different design) for 2008 invites.


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