Wedding Invitations


I was just going to link to these when talking about our Thank You cards, but realized, I have never posted about them. So here goes:
For our wedding, in true 86'n it style, we decided to DIY the invitations and make them WAY more complicated then need-be. I must say that there is hope for our house because the invitations turned out fabulous!
We decided to do a booklet style, because we wanted to include a map with directions, hotel info, etc. Marc carved 3 linoleum blocks. Two from photos of our hands (reaching on the cover and clasped on the back) and the third block contains one big and one detailed "3d" map.
We had the black printing made professionally on a plastic block for "stamp-style"printing by us. (The lettering and detail was just too much to carve.) The jumping people stamp on the RSVP card I bought online. I ended up stitching them together by hand with a needle and thread.
Here they are:

Inside invitation:

Center Map:

Back w/ RSVP &  envelope tucked in:

To leave no detail uncomplicated, I printed the addresses on the envelopes too:
This whole thing was WAY complicated, but I do recommend carving linoleum blocks and custom stamping. It is easy and really fun. We used speedball blocks, inks and tools. 
The other great thing is, that the blocks themselves are really amazing pieces of art after too.

Here are the two hand blocks. I need to find a place to hang them in the house.