The (foam 1st birthday) Finger


It sounds weird to say that the inspiration behind Franca's first birthday part was "The Finger", but it is true.

And no, I don't mean *that* finger. I mean her pointer finger. And boy, does this girl point! She points where she wants to go, she points at herself when you ask "who is mommy's girl?", she points out the window, she points at random objects, and points inside her mouth. I could do a whole slide-show of her pointing that little finger, but here are the first 3 pointing pictures I found:

So, the girl loves to point, which coincidentally, looks like she is saying she is one year old... 

This gave Marc had the idea to use a photo (like those above) with Franca indicating she is "One" for her first birthday party invitations. Well, being the overachiever that I am, I didn't want a plain paper invitation. I wanted something crazy, something exciting, something different. I racked my brain, I asked friends, coworkers, and then one day, I was leaving the office and thought, "Hmmmmm, what about a foam finger? Like the ones at sporting events?"

An idea was born and I could not shake it. So I had to turn it into the real thing:

I will spare you all the details of what it took to get these things produced, let's just say that I was so happy with the company that made them, Print Globe, that I became an affiliate of theirs. (See ad on the sidebar.)

We decided to still do the "pointing photo" idea on a card tied to the foam finger like a reminder with the party details. (I didn't want to muck-up the foam fingers with all the party info).

The fingers and card were mailed in shimmering envelopes. I did a little address label trick that I like to do.  Print one label, with the "to" address on one end and "from" address on the other. Then you wrap the label around the side of the envelope. Simple, saves printing and cutting and looks stylish.

So here you have it. My crazy 1st birthday party invitations. What do you think?

Stay tuned for the next post to see party details and to see what we did with the extras 95 foam fingers. :)


  1. Holy crap that is an AWESOME idea!!!! Love those fingers. And what an amazing keepsake too.

  2. What an fantastic idea! I love it :) So unique!

  3. Whoa... that's amazing! So Wonderful, So Marvelous emailed me about this and she's right- I love it! What a creative theme and invite. I can't wait to see the party!


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