Now You're Rockin'!


After the great "does your chair rock?" debacle followed by the add-on rocking/swivel base revelation, I was really ready to have a successful rocking chair conversion!

First task was fixing the broken no-sag spring. This would have been easy if I was reupholstering the chair, but I'm not, so I had to sort of rig it up. (Because I can't thru the fabric to the top of the frame to screw in the new clip.) I also couldn't get my hands on a hook-link, but I was able to get a free edge clip from the really nice guy at Stephen's Interiors. (BTW, this place has some really great fabrics. I grabbed my clip and ran out so I wouldn't come home with bolts upon bolts of fabric!)

Here is a pic of the fixed spring:

I ended up buying the rocking/swivel base off of this ebay seller out of Oregon, which is sort of ridiculous considering that it is made just over an hour from here in Hickory, NC.

I've been feeling super anxious and unproductive lately, so last night at 8:30pm, I decided that I was going to tackle this project. Luckily, we had a piece of leftover 3/4" plywood already in the basement from Marc's kitchen cabinet projects. Here's a step-by-step of what I did:

1) At Marc's urging, I reinforced the chair base with a 2x4.
2) I flipped the chair over onto the plywood and traced the bottom.
3) Next I cut out the plywood with a jigsaw.

4) I secured the plywood to the bottom of the chair frame and new 2x4.
5) Finally, I screwed the rocker/swivel base to the plywood!

After it was all finished, Marc and I about had a heart attack when we discovered that the chair with new base wouldn't fit thru the basement door. Whoops! We did make it fit though. This chair is SO much heavier with the plywood and new base, so it took the two of us to bring it upstairs.

Here is a sort of crappy photo of the final product: 
(Sorry, it looks like it is hovering)

I'm just gonna go ahead and say that it is pretty amazing. It swivels and rocks really smoothly. At first, we thought I should recess the plywood, but because it is finish-grade, I really like seeing it at the bottom of the chair.  Gives it a mod sort of look.

I'm also pretty proud of myself for completing this project all on my own too. It has been a while since I did some finish work with real tools and I was glad to know I can still do it. It gave me some much-needed confidence back! Franca also gives it a big thumbs-up:

Footnote: The title is something that probably only Marc and my sister Missy will think is funny. The toy on the right in the above photo says loudly "Now You're Rockin'!" Followed by: "That was SO cool!" I like to think that the toy's comments are now directed at the new rockin' chair.