Playhouse Makeover Reveal


6 cans of spray paint later:

I used the Krylon Fusion spray paint for plastics and it was pretty easy to do.

My tips:
a) Tarp the different colored sections off and don't reuse the plastic tarps for different colors. (The old, dried paint flakes off the tarp and onto your new paint.)
b)Try to be very even with your strokes. You can see my stops and starts in the green wall paint.

There were also some cracks in the door, but I sealed them up with duct tape and painted over them. Up close you can see the darker line of the tape, but not from far away.

The green doesn't match our house exactly, but honestly, I was surprised that they even offered a stock color that came this close. I should have gone with a red roof, but the brown is much prettier. Seeing it on the playhouse, I'd now like to do our real roof brown.

This was a pretty satisfying, quick project. Now if only the REAL house was this easy to makeover!