Chalk Cloth Tablecloth


This is probably the most fun project we've ever done. Plus, completely needed and functional.

To be frank: the girls were ruining our beautiful dining room table. Even with huge placemats, the wiping was taking a toll on the edges and the finish.

My Mother-in-Law gave me a really amazing microfiber table cloth. Messes just bead up on it and it is completely washable. But it is white and SO nice that I didn't want to start using it everyday. Because our table is an odd shape 37" wide by 109" long, getting one in another color would cost me over $60 AND I'd still be washing it at least twice a week.

So I started asking online and searching. People suggested oilcloth and that's when I hit the motherload. A type of oil cloth called Chalk Cloth. It works just like a chalk board, but it is vinyl-impregnated cloth! Wipes up like a dream.

I ordered 4 yards from and with a coupon, it cost me $37.33 including shipping. The funniest thing is you have to "prime" it before you use it. This involved Franca and me in our PJs rolling this whole thing out in the living room and coloring it with chalk. It was a blast.

Coloring the whole thing!
Fun, until I had to clean chalky footprints
from the rest of the house!
Chalk outline!
(Like how she half-wears her PJs?)

That was great, but not as much fun as Marc and Franca have been having with it actually on the table!

Good times!

Grover, Chewbacca and Yoda.

Cookie Monster & Kermit.
The best thing about it is the color and finish. It's a very nice matte black and shows "patina" just like our counter tops. Pretty perfect match!

Marc finished sorting, purging and moving in his office stuff, so stay tuned for the reveal!

In other news, this is Day One of potty training with the girls. I need a Lysol bath already. Wish me luck.


  1. Hello! I loved your project so much I had to share it with my blog readers.

    So totally cute!!

  2. Um, can I just tell you how AWESOME I think that is? So. Cool. I think I might have to do, right?

  3. I love the idea behind.
    maybe a kids dresser

  4. Did you use all four yards and did you sew it at all? If so, would you mind sharing how you did it? Were you able to cover your whole table with one continuous piece or did you sew a seam?

  5. I used about 3-1/2 yards. No seams. shipped it on a roll too which was great. It will crease if you fold it oddly.
    I didn't have to sew anything. I'm still deciding how I want to clean up the corners, but I think I will staple them from the inside.

  6. Super cute.

    Is this stuff more like fabric or more like plastic. I dont have kids but if its like fabric, I think it could be really versatile.

    1. It is a little more like plastic sad to say. The surface feels matte, but it is stiff.

  7. Wow, this is so awesome! I like it a lot, thank you for this idea.

    Liebe Grüße from Germany,
    mrs. mandel


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