Got "IT" Back



In the last 3 years, I have turned into a wuss. 
A nagging, stressing, dependent wuss.

I don't know if it is from becoming a mom (and pregnant again)? Or because our house is now in the "put carefully back together" stage instead of the "tear this old crap out" stage it was 3 years ago when I felt plumb FULL of "IT". (I'm MUCH better at tearing stuff out than putting things nicely back.)

Either reason, for the last 2 years I've felt paralyzed. I second guess every renovation task I start, I put things off onto Marc to do because I "don't know how to do them right", I'm scared of power tools. WHO IS THIS PERSON??

I started noticing it when reading DIY Diva's blog. She is nothing short of amazing. Strong, determined and independent. Just like I always thought I was, except now suddenly I'm NOT.

This paralysis really came to a head last week when I found myself standing helplessly by while Chris & Meryl worked their asses off on my back porch. By the next day I had made up my mind: Enough is enough. I want my mojo back.

That night (28 weeks pregnant), I fired up the table saw. Then the miter saw. Then the circular saw.

And it felt great.

Then I started installing trim. Really hard to make work trim. I did it neatly and carefully. I recut a piece when it wasn't working. I cut notches with a handsaw.

I literally measured, cut, and hammered my way back to having mojo. By MYSELF.

Sure, I asked Marc for advice and a reminder on safe table saw practices. But I also kicked him out of the basement twice and off the back porch three times.

I needed this project to be mine.

Now, 4 days (and no showers) later, the back porch is done and I feel terrific. I'm no DIY Diva, but I'm no slouch either.

I just got done reworking and organizing our Pre-Sale To Do List. This month is back porch & yard. Next month we hit the bathroom HARD. (Um, that sounds weird.) December is Kitchen/Dining room, January is survive new baby, February is Front Porch (& lots of hiring out), etc.

I told Marc that he is going to have to hand over some of his carpentry projects to me. Me, with this newly rediscovered renovating confidence. Let's hope this belly doesn't get too big to see reach the miter saw button.

So tell me ladies, do you shy away from the power tools? Do you find yourself not doing things because you are a woman/mom?


  1. 1.) The porch looks FAN-tastic. Amazing transformation.

    2.) I get scared of my power tools sometimes too... I like to call that "being smart about not cutting off a finger". When I lived with MysteryMan there were plenty of things I just let him do (and I told myself it's because I had other, more important things that needed my skill) but it was also easier to just let him risk life and limb with the circular saw instead of doing it myself. Now that I'm on my own I realize just how often I did that, and a lot of times I have to give myself a pep talk before taking on a big project now, or, you know, making a plunge cut with the circular saw ;)

    3.) I think using the table saw while creating life absolutely qualifies you for DIYdiva status. Or something much more incredible than that! Really awesome job using those tools and I'm so glad you got your mojo back!

    1. Kit - Means a lot coming from you. I know I sound like a crazy person, but you really are an inspiration (blushes).

      I agree that there is a healthy level of power tool fear. We had the table saw set up with about a million 'protectors' (two rakes, a hand guard, etc.) AND I made sure to always stood to the side. Still, it is an easier task for me than say, bagging leaves or anything that requires a ton of bending over!

  2. I come from a long history of bad luck with cars and renovations. My dad's way of fixing anything was to scream curses at it. He is exceptionally smart and has every got-dang tool in the world, but getting him motivated to do or fix anything was hopeless. Despite this, he was a jack-of-all trades, good with cars, plumbing, electrical, and carpentry.

    He did not pass any of that to me. Except the cursing.

    I married a wonderful man...who has absolutely no DIY skills of any kind. But bless his heart, he is sure trying.

    I scared of saws, we do not own any kind of saw or mitering equipment, and we bought a 150 yr old house. It's made for a very frustating year. I feel helpless, but thank goodness for Youtube. I look at your blog, Chezerbey, DIY Diva, and Brooklyn Limestone and kick myself in the face for being so stupid. If I could do HS again i'd go to Votech for carpentry or something useful!

  3. I totally know how you feel. I grew up helping my dad and actually feel like since dating Chris I have become less handy because he's just so damn good at things that it would take me 7 times longer to do the same thing, and it would look a lot worse. I gotta get my mojo too. Damnit.


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