Marc's 40th Birthday


Marc and I started a tradition of going all-out for our "decade" birthdays (there is totally a word for that right?). For Marc's 30th, we kidnapped him and took him to Mexico. An amazing time. I used a photo from that trip for his 40th invite:

For my 30th, Marc surprised me with a trip to Puerto Rico. Amazing time!

It just so happened for Marc's 40th birthday, he had already booked our tickets to Fort Myers Beach to spend the time with his family. While I toyed with the idea of kidnapping him away for 2 days in Key West, I realized he would much rather spend the time with this family. I did however want to plan something local.

So I faked a neighbor's 50th birthday party. Said neighbor was actually in Brazil at the time, so that was risky. I took Marc downtown to the "party" location where he was promptly kidnapped by the SAME TWO GREAT FRIENDS who kidnapped him on his 30th birthday. Pretty cool. We then drove around town leaving clues for a search party who had already gathered to come and find Marc.

Advised by two lawyer friends, we opted to hide and drink cocktails on private property while awaiting the search party. When they found us, we all headed to a nearby restaurant/bar and celebrated. Pretty good times with very good friends!

 Here's a couple of shots of one of the clues:  (I was raining, so I had to put them in plastic bags.)

Marc on another friend's 30th birthday in Mexico.

Franca generously donated some stickers.

I had hidden liquor for them to drink with this clue.

All of the clues in bags.

 And the stickers worn by the search party: 

 And here is Marc on his actual 40th birthday: 

Family time on the beach!

A night out in his *best* shirt.

 Happy 40th to my old man.