Dollhouse Reveal!


One Franca's 2nd Birthday Eve, I was transported to my 5-year-old brain on Christmas Eve. Except this time I was the one giving not receiving. I was that anxious and nervous! I put a lot of work into this dollhouse renovation and I was eager to see if she liked it.

We hauled the dollhouse out, I furnished it and then proceeded to take one million photos with a borrowed SLR. (Yes, I totally need one now.)

Here is why I was so excited. 

The Before and After:

And the other 999,999 photos:

A view inside and of the side with new windows, door and shingles.

 I painted the exterior our house exterior colors. A view inside the door to the kitchen/dining.

Kitchen/Dining Area

A view of the entry door, dining room (complete w/ miniature architectural drawing set) 
and her new Saint Bernard.

The table and rug I made with chairs and kitchen set from my parents.

She was very excited about the kitchen set. A sink! A "fridger"! 
Wall color is BM Kalamata same as our dining room.

A photo on the wall of my Grandfather (on right) who made this dollhouse for me.

Living Room

The couch I made, kittens from my brother and sister-in-law. 
Wall color is SW Functional Gray, same as our living room.

A cool modern chair and the framed birth announcement stamp. 
(Those are her real footprints!)

A couch throw blanket made from scrap fabric and 
a photo from our family photo shoot.


Ceiling tiles I painted and cork floor to match our bathroom, 
wall color SW Drizzle to match our bathroom.

Pedestal sink and mirror, bath mat I made. I need to get one more sheet of wall tile.

Adult Bedroom

The bed from Aunt Heather, and bedding  and rug I made.
This room needs a little something else. More flotaki-ish rug? lamps?

Trunk is just from Michael's and I forgot to order the modern chair for this room! Whoops!

Kid Bedroom

Mod chair, mini dollhouse and rug fabric from an old rocking chair of my parents.

Clothespin easel handmade by "Mr. Lambert", bunk beds from Aunt Heather and photos of her birthday part on the wall!

This is the only color that we don't have in our real house. I do love it and
am trying to think of a place in our house to paint it!
In the attic sports a combo playroom-daycare just like in the real house's living room. 
Friends bought Franca a whole slew of babies because her dollhouse
needs to have a daycare just like her real house!  Marc thought it would be
funny to stage 2 babies fighting over a chair. If only that wasn't SO close to real life.

Confession, this is the only side of the roof I will show you.
After all the procrastinating on the roof, we ran out of shingles and
the other side is only 2/3 finished. Ugh.

Because these photos are all staged and pretty, I'm going to do a "After the Housewarming Party" post Wednesday to show what it looks like after she gets her hands on it.