Let There Be Tile!


Wow. Phew.

I don't think I can express how glad we are now that we didn't DIY this tile.  I was home most of the time and could hear the experienced tile setter's frequent sighs.  I can only imagine those would have been curses and growls if we, as two tile virgins, would have attempted this.

Of course, Marc's a little disappointed in some of the details.

This beveled window sill ledge looks great, but he thought it would be better to shed water if the sill was one straight piece with the vertical Jamb sitting on top of it.

He had also designed it so that we wouldn't need bullnose at the tile edges.  It would butt right into a wall board j-bead.  (See detail drawing.)

But the tile setter had to increase the mud bed because the wall is crazy out of level (even though Marc worked his butt of trying to level it.) This meant that in spots, the tile sticks out further than the second wall board layer.  Ugh.

Marc is going to try to furr that wall board layer out this weekend.

I think knowing when to make adjustments is the biggest benefit of hiring a pro.  They just know what is possible and what is not.  We would have killed ourselves trying to make the tile level with the wall board.  Also, these notches around the walls  make Marc so glad we didn't DIY.  Those are tough to do!

So three cheers for Roy & Bart at Prime Select Inc.!

The drywallers are coming back Monday, so this weekend in addition to fixing the wallboard, we are going to install the door jamb, paint & frost the door, pick a wall paint color, and drum roll please...

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  1. Di-zamn lady, it looks great! And I can say - laying tile is totally sucking and I am SO THANKFUL we (probably. hopefully.) only have one more day left.


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