Bathroom Before & Afters


****I should be working or doing a billion other things, but I'm going to quickly do this post.****

A million, billion, trillion chocolate-dipped-Oreo thanks to Michelle from SoWonderfulSoMarvelous (& the Davester) for cleaning, staging and photographing the finished bathroom while I tried to keep my daughter from sitting on yours too much.

Here we go. Ugly, terrifying 


(*Well, sort of before because this bathroom didn't really exist. 
It was a closet and non-functioning bathroom/laundry room built mostly on the back porch. 
See the weekend when Marc went to Vegas and I tore that shit DOWN.)

It is hard to tell what the hell was going on in these photos because well,
 it was hard to figure out in real life what the hell was going on here.

And the beautiful, wonderful 


Quite the improvement right?

I'll post a material list and cost breakdown for y'all on Monday!

Have a great weekend.

We will be busy purging, staging, & prepping for the listing photographer on Tuesday. Eeeek!


  1. Holy jeez balls that looks AMAZING! I cannot believe how crazy it looked before. GOOD JOB!!!! :)

  2. Replies
    1. We actually gave the porch it's parts back and took over a closet and a closet/hallway.

  3. Amazing - amazing. You guys are fricking rockstars. It looks like a hotel. I swear to god, you've made my dream house. Will you come help me in Ann Arbor please????

    1. Megan - I'd love to except for the fact that once we sell this house I don't EVER EVER want to touch a hammer ever again. :)

  4. I love it! It looks really great, and I bet you are glad to have it done!

  5. That is a seriously gorgeous bathroom! Those photos need to be used in the listing. Ha! There was nothing I hated more while house shopping than seeing photo after awful photo that realtors would post online. Ugh.

    Can't wait to see the finished wall in the kitchen!

  6. It is beautiful and wonderful. I can't even believe it!

  7. Love the added heated towel bar off the radiator! I hope you get top dollar for your house b/c you really have transformed it into a quality, styled, and upgraded, home.


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