86 Empty Photoshoot


Here is a photo slideshow by the amazing Kalyn Livernois.

Email me for her contact info.

I got this idea of a weird, creepy photoshoot of us in an empty 86 house in my head and couldn't shake it. Things got crazy and the only time we had to do it was THE DAY we had to have 86 completely clean and empty.

It is a testament to Kalyn's talent that these photos turned out so cool.
I gave her some really vague ideas and no direction.
Mina was tired, wet and I didn't have a clean diaper.
I had just given Franca homeopathic cold medicine which included a sleeping agent.
Marc was trying to clean the basement out and kept getting dirty.

Literally everything was working against her, but she made it work. I love the photos! They are weird, silly and a little creepy? Exactly what I wanted! Now I'm dreaming of the "during construction" shoot we can do at the new house.


  1. Your children are absolutely the cutest! Cool pictures, love the one with Franca inside and you guys with the suitcase, like she kicked you out.

  2. Love this idea. Mina's face in the shower photo - awwwww. Lol.

    I think my favorite is the one where you are all on the floor.


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