Bed sheets Begone!


I finally took my new-to-me car to Ikea to get the final stuff to make this rental more  tolerable.
This included Tupplur blackout shades to replace our uber-klassy gray flannel bed sheet "curtains" and Franca's dangerous old corded ones that came with the rental. Now I just need to figure out how I messed up the tension on half of them.

I didn't make the installation perfect (gasp!). They are not exactly centered and are face mounted (due to the size & the interior storm window frame), but they work well. In a rental, that's all that matters.

Plus, Mina loves the view while getting her diaper changed. ;)


  1. That is awesome. We have those impossibly wide windows in the bedroom so it's still Klassy aluminum foil over the windows. One day maybe we will get those awesome lift blocking roller shutters. Sigh

    1. They do come in 63" wide and only $29. They block light really well!


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