In brief moments between loading and unloading trucks, Marc and I have been feeling like weirdos.

You see, we aren't the slightest bit sad about leaving this house we have shed tears, a bit of blood, and a whole lot of sweat in. Both of us can hardly wait for the moment when we shut that door for the last time.

Don't get me wrong. We love the house. We are proud of what we have done. We are just SO OVER our lives as renovators with kids.

The last couple of months have been hard. Popping Mina's pacifier back in her mouth with a paint brush in the other hand. Trying to get Franca to play in the other room so you can just finish the last bit of work with the nail gun. We Are Over it. OVER. IT.

The only fleeting moment of sadness came while saying goodbye to our neighbor. She told us how she remembers the previous owner standing in the front yard with her infant son. She just went to his high school graduation party. She then said how she had hoped she'd get to see our girls grow up. Sigh. My heart sank. Good neighbors are hard to find. 86'n It doesn't just have good neighbors, it has great neighbors. 

While I fully admit the new handshower is freaking amazing, we are going to miss our neighbors the most. 

Closing is tomorrow morning. Marc is still over at the house finishing up last project.  (Ridiculous) I'll pop by later to drop off a bottle of bubbly and a welcome to Asheville card.

And that's it.

I'll close that door and with it start a whole new chapter in our lives.

Here's to tomorrow.


  1. I wonder how we will feel about leaving our house, which will definitely happen sometime sooner than later. I'm sure I will be happy for a new project, but sad to leave our hard work behind. I often dream about leaving a long detailed note about how to take care of the shrubs, the paint colors in the rooms and which cans are which, etc....and then I realize I am crazy because most people just won't care about all the little details like I do. Oh well! Good luck tomorrow!

    1. So funny! I had always planned to make a list. But in the end a bottle of champagne and a "Welcome to Asheville" note is all I could muster.

  2. best of luck with the closing! now that our house is starting to actually feel like our home (and not just a giant project), i think that it would be hard to leave. of course, you have something new and exciting to look forward to, so i'm sure that also helps!

  3. Hi Nikki!!! I was reading an article in better homes about Asheville.... And I thought, hey that's where bunny mendlebaum lives!!! I wondered how the crack house was coming along! Now at your site I see you have 2 babies and have moved on to another project!!!
    Just wanted to say Hi! Glad things are going well for you and your beautiful family!!
    -holly (hollandbob from nest)


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