Don't get carried away


If not getting carried away when designing your own house is hard for the average person, it has to be nearly impossible for an architect.

We've already done a million layouts, but today we met with the bank and talked specifics. We quickly realized that we had gotten swept up in the designing process  and forgot what the whole point of selling the Original 86 was all about:

 a new low mortgage.

We've always wanted to be able to travel. (Hello Barcelona!)
Eat out (a lot). 
Not work crazy hours (= family time).
SAVE (and build an addition, buy a house in Tucson, or whatever).

We are meeting with a contractor on Thursday to talk about cost, layout and to generally to see if he is interested.

I know I said I'd share a plan and I was ready to, but then Marc came home and wants to rotate the whole thing 90 degrees! Right now we are thinking 4 bed, 2 bath in 1,700sf. No basement, no garage. Super efficient layout.


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