Inspiration: Entry


I'm not sure if most architects can tell you about the first times they really noticed Architecture, but I do.  It was actually at a friend's house.

The first time I visited her seemingly normal house, I walked in the front door and didn't feel like I was inside at all.  The entry was actually a narrow hallway connecting 2 wings (bedroom wing and living room wing).  Simple as that sounds, it had a big impact on me. I didn't realize houses could be so different (even though it was a very ordinary house), but most of all, I didn't realize a normal building could make me feel something.

Ever since that day I've always wanted a house with a similar entry and more than that,

I wanted a house that makes me feel things starting right at the front door. 

Marc and I vaguely made a house wish list (well, as much as you can make a list with a guy who is ALLERGIC to lists), and this feature was right at the top. I'm really hoping it makes the final design cut.

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