Must. Resist. Building. House. Myself.


I called the city's permit office to inquire about something today and discovered that in our city you can build your own house (not hiring a contractor) as long as you get the proper inspections.

I'm not sure why this came as such a shock, but it did and sent my mind racing with excitement. Our house with our own hands? We could totally do that!

Then I about laughed myself silly. How long has it been since our renovation sold? Not even 2 months and I'm already over the pain and heartache and having no time for anything and never having the right tool and hemorrhaging money and never-ending trips to the hardware store and...

Would I give up weekend naps on the couch next to this gorgeous little girl?

And just like that it passed. We are meeting with the bank and a contractor next week.

I am though endlessly amazed by the overwhelming desire to create something with my own two hands. I think I need an outlet. Dollhouse stuff? Sewing? Suggestions?

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  1. you can still do finishing work on your own. or, you could do the basement or garage yourselves. something that doesn't *need* to be finished by a certain date, but can give you something to work on on your own schedule.
    barring that, you guys could take up furniture building. again, you can set your own schedule with it since it's not like being without a bathroom/kitchen, but you still get to make stuff and it's more useful than a dollhouse (which is always a bonus for me).


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