Version 146


Just some notes on why I am being so vague lately. We don't own the property yet, so I'm not comfortable talking in specifics about it. We have been doing layout after layout after layout. Rotating the whole thing, then rotating it back. Making it a bar, making it an L, making it a T, making it a bar again... After about 146 layouts, I'm sick of doing it.

So I decided, F it. I'm going to show you what we have. It is surprisingly nerve-wracking to put this up online. I honestly have no idea who reads this blog, but I'm sure any architect/designer/anyone really could find faults with this, but meh. There are a million ways to skin a cat people, and this is only the 146th. Please keep in mind this is not flushed out or refined at all.

Here goes...

Well, first I want to point out some features:
  • North is up. The view downtown is to the northwest.
  • We have a curving drive (shown by the topo swale). Parking will be at the top with a small outbuilding for storage & tools.
  • The living area will hopefully open up as much as possible to some steps/seating and the yard.
  • The thick wall at the top of the living area will house a tv and fireplace
  • In general we are using wardrobe-like cabinets instead of closets or pantries.
  • The guest suite is meant for grandparents and might be rented out is connected to the powder room.
  • The back wall of the living area is low cabinets which turns into the kitchen tall cabinets and tall guest room cabinets (murphy bed?).
  • The girls have sleeping "cabins" attached to a larger playroom. The idea is if we ever needed to, we could split these three rooms into two normal-sized bedrooms.
  • The hallway is lined on one side with tall cabinets where will store our stuff.
  • Our family bathroom is a series of compartments so one person can be showering while someone is using the toilet.
  • The back porch points to a play area we might share with our neighbors.

Site plan showing roof (single slope)

Sorry about weird blank spot on the left here.

Floor plan

Front perspective

Please ignore the crazy site slope, I haven't digitally regraded.


  1. That looks AWESOME! I absolutely love the large family/kitchen area and the girls having sleeping "cabins" with a larger room they share is genius. Awesome!

    1. It's been what? 3 days now and we have stuck with this plan! We finally got it almost right I think. Although we did just figure we want a different roof, windows, etc. Ha ha!

  2. The house plan is really exciting! The cabinet idea is interesting, keeping things visually clean while handling the stuff of a lively household.
    One thought, since I know your girls are still very small: consider where the evening homework will get done. In my house, pretty much everything gets done on the dining table - homework, laptop use, hanging out and talking, practicing clarinet, reading, art projects, oh and also family meals - so it’s crucial for us to have nearby power outlets, reference bookshelf, backpack and instrument storage, and a place to stack everything when we need to quickly clear the table for meals. Having close, easy access to the parent-approved storage locations for everything keeps it from becoming a complete wreck.

    1. Such a good point! Marc and I were just discussing this last night. We are planning to built two desks in the playroom for homework when they get older.

  3. This is awesome, you guys! Have you thought of having a shared studio between you and Mark? That might lead you to a larger 'office' area. I love the clean lines of the storage cabinets!

    1. The idea is to use the guest suite as an office if we ever need to. That way it can have it's own entrance and bathroom.
      Wonder what we would do with the "office" then? Another sleeping area? Reading nook?

  4. The sleeping cabins with the shared playroom is a fantastic idea!

    1. I give Marc full credit for the sleeping cabin idea. When Mina outgrows the crib, he is going to make custom bed/storage/closets for their cabins.

  5. A very lovely and streamlined home. I would mention that the single shared bathroom idea could come back to haunt you. I was one of three teenage girls sharing one small bath growing up. Crazy! And in my adult life my girls shared a bath (off of my older daughters bedroom) and my son had to share ours. Not terrible since teenage boys aren't terribly clean but he liked to shower late at night which we didn't care for! At the very least, you might want to consider a sink and mirror in their sleeping/play area for general teeth brushing, face washing and hair fixing.


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