Freight from Australia?


Even though (as has been pointed put to me) most architects tend to like the same style, it is unreal how close this is to what we want...

Dark exterior siding

One side of house panels of glass and solid panels & parapet roof concealing sloped roof (this was Marc's original idea for our roof)

Concrete floors, white interior, open layout 

Hallway office, sliding doors, tall storage

Big wall of full-height cabinets blending into the kitchen

Free-standing tub in tiled room.

This is several versions of a prefab house in Australia by Intermode, an Australian modular housing company. I originally saw it here.

While prefab isn't IMO the best solution of places like Asheville like usually require a lot of site work, I've always been a huge fan of "kit of parts" architecture.

Maybe we should just sent this post to the contractor...

(Sorry for any formatting weirdness, I'm posting from my phone.)


  1. I really an interested in this kind of architecture as well - I actually did my degree project on prefab housing. Love your ideas so far :)

    1. Fellow prefab nerd! I actually got a grant in college to study the rehabilitation of prefab housing in Berlin & the Czech Republic. I should dig up my report. I actually did a video. ;)

  2. Seriously - when can I move in? Stunning - I love the clean lines - I live with a semi-hourder so seeing a truly clean house makes me so happy!


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