Odd Inspiration


There is this thing about designing for yourself instead of designing for a client,
It's a little thing called money.
And it is not that we don't think about money when designing for a client,
It's just that there seems to be more of it when it is there's.

We keep having to remind ourselves that the main purpose here is to get a low mortgage payment.
My mom keeps reminding us to not build *too* small or *too* cheap. Noted. Noted.

So when thinking about building systems we keep looking for inspiration in seemingly odd places:

Basement walls for our exterior

All rights reserved by Superior Walls of East Tennessee

Commercial building roofs

Image from here.
(Here This Old House even shows a retro-fit green living roof on the EPDM.)

Things are coming together slowly on the house design. We need to make the big decision. Roof. Walls. Siting. Oh, yea and buying the lot. Might want to do that...

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