Bringing Back the Best of 86'n It


So we are STILL not ready to talk about the lot. I know, I know...

At the suggestion of a fellow blogger (Michelle), I've decided to bring back my most creative non-renovating project posts. These can now be found up there ^ under BEST OF along with the renovation greatest hits. Without further ado:

BEST OF 86n't 

DIY the Most Awesome Chewbacca Costume EVER

Cat Halloween Costume 

Severed Finger Halloween Party Invitation

My Epic Breast Pumping Rant

Rainbow Cake

Razor blade Apple X-ray 

Our Wedding Invitations

First Birthday Foam Fingers

Convert a Chair into a Rocker

Chalk Cloth Table Cloth

Marc's 40th Birthday Scavenger Hunt

Playhouse Makeover

Dollhouse Makeover

DIY Stenciled Wall Canvas

Ok, sort of renovation related, but I couldn't resist!

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