Pickins Are Slim


Well, not surprisingly, there isn't much out there suiting our wants/needs, but we keep looking. I'm trying to be patient and not in a hurry, because really there is no big rush.  It was sort of hilarious when I dropped the moving-possibility bomb in my last post. I got 3 WTF texts within minutes. ;) In addition to the option of moving, we've opened up the possibility of finding a crappy house here and (not-DIY'ing) a gut renovation. Still, pickins are slim.

I overheard Marc tell someone on the phone the other day, "you know, I know we *should* be buying another house, but I'm ok with renting. I really like having this pot of money in the bank."

And it is true. I feel the same way. I guess almost bankrupting yourself for 7 years while renovating a house will turn anyone into a scrooge.

So, for now we are enjoying a normal-ish family life. We just got back from a much-needed trip to the beach.

Life can't be so bad with these two little ones, right?

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  1. Chunky thighs, chunky thighs! Yup, life must be good. Keep having fun.


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