106th House Plan for 106


I know I should make this look sketchy and diagrammatic, but let's face it, we are past that point and I can't draw without a computer.

Here it is nice and clean:
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and here it is with my notes:
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1 level and 1,850sf


We still have a bunch of the traits that we had in our old plan (see that here).
  • The living area will hopefully open up as much as possible to some steps/seating and the yard.
  • The cabinet wall in the living area will house a tv and fireplace.
  • In general we are using wardrobe-like cabinets instead of closets or pantries.
  • The girls have sleeping "cabins" attached to a larger playroom. The idea is if we ever needed to, we could split these three rooms into two normal-sized bedrooms.
  • The hallway is lined on one side with tall cabinets where will store our stuff.
  • Our family bathroom is a series of compartments so one person can be showering while someone is using the toilet.

Design Notes:

  • We oriented the house south to take advantage of passive solar heating. The trees will shade the summer sun, but the glass openings will let in the low winter sun. (What's up 2nd year architecture school!)
  • We wanted above all, for this house to be affordable, but "Us". So we went with a one-level plan, but kept it narrow to keep structural costs down.
  • We REALLY wanted a house that opened up and would allow us to move inside and out freely. The plan is to have a track built into the edge of the patio ceiling for a screen curtain. (I've spent WAY too much time trapped inside a house because of mosquitoes.)


This will likely change. If you remember who I married HE CANNOT LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE. Seriously, the dude stays up until 4am working on tweaked versions of this plan. I say, leave it be and let's get it priced. So that is what we are doing, ASAP because building costs in this area can be crazy.

Marriage Notes:

The fact that I post this stuff makes Marc go nuts because it's not final, it's not perfect, blah blah. Good thing he knows he married an extrovert AND DOESN'T know how to use blogger. HA!

More info on materials, and cool ideas soon...

Also, remember a while back I posted some awesome photos of Franca near a prospective lot? Well, THIS is that lot. ;)


  1. Sounds like someone else's pencils besides Eric's need to be broken.

  2. i like it. what kind of doors are we looking at for your bedroom and the bathroom (regular or pocket)? swinging into the west wall? will they hit each other? same question for the kids' rooms.
    the other rendering might be fooling my eye, but is this a shed roof or flat?
    i like the patio glass, why not make the whole wall continuous glass? cost? header is steel, lvl, other?
    build it quickly, can't wait to see all the details!

    1. I'd love to have sliding doors for almost everything except toilet areas and the front door! We will see. Maybe not even pocket? Marc is the door hardware guru.
      It's a TPO roof, so 1/2" per foot slope probably. Not the prettiest roof, but no one will ever see it and it is cheap!
      I'd LOVE to make the whole wall glass storefront, but can't really do it with the sliders. We will probably get aluminum clad wood. Headers most likely steel, but we are looking at a 2x wood truss so we can run ductwork in the webbing.

  3. How exciting!! What if the shower area was more of a wet room, so you weren't confined to just a stall shower? Unsolicited opinions, I know. Good luck!!


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