Lost? or Saved?


If you like 86'n It on Facebook, you'll know we bid on and lost out on the above house this weekend.

I know, I know, thought we were going to build? Well, we are keeping our options open. This house was HORRIBLE. It makes the original 86'n It look move-in ready. It smelled like cat pee, had no heat, vinyl siding, wood paneling, built on piers, in the historic district, but it was cheap and the location was amazing.

We put in a great bid. I wrote a freaking love letter. And nada. They went with a (lower?) cash offer.

I must admit that our first feeling was relief. While the end product would have been awesome, it would have been a lot of heartburn on our part to get it there.

We have some other irons in the fire, but I will admit I'm getting antsy. I just want to know where we will end up already!

Anyway, just thought I'd give and update.

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  1. We bought a house just to get it over with and because we'd been looking for a while with not very much luck. Now, because the previous owners lied and hid problems, we own a lemon and will have to be here for probably at least another decade, and put off our dream house build for that long. Don't lose sight of what you want! For my two cents, it's better to let things be up in the air for a little while longer and not have to take a massive multi-year detour into a house with lots of issues.


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