Drawing, Pinning, & Listing


We are working hard over here trying to get a bid/pricing set out this week.
We meet with the bank tomorrow.
Then a grader on site Wednesday.

There is a little wrinkle in the drawing of our our set. Marc and I don't use the same software. He used Vectorworks (ugh) and Archicad, while I use the **FAR** superior Revit.

We decided when we were talking about building a house a long time ago that Marc would draw it. Marc has more experience with small, highly detailed residential projects and I have more experience with large commercial projects. We decided he would draw it and I would keep things organized. (I AM going to steal the 3d model and show you pretty images of it when it is done though.)

This weekend we mostly finalized the plan, figured out structure, window placement, doors, storage, etc. while I started a master spreadsheet of materials, fixtures, appliances, hardware, etc. (Eat your heart our Lindsey & Tracy!)

While spreadsheets totally get my heart all aflutter, I know that isn't true for everyone so I made some more pinterest boards too. The main Dwell board is inspiration and ideas, but new Dwell - Bath/Sleep, Dwell - Live/Cook/Eat, and Dwell - Outside boards contain a gathering of materials, fixtures, appliances, hardware, etc. for our new house.

Here are some teaser pics from each new board

Dwell - Exterior

Dwell - Live/Eat/Cook

Dwell - Bath/Sleep

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  1. I understand that things like financing and building a whole house take time. I do. But I am also dying for more updates. :) (Thanks for sharing your pinterest boards for the meanwhile.)


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