Bathroom Materials & Cost


Material List

A - Speakman shower head
B - Speakman controls
C - Hansgrohe Starck hand held shower & wall clip
D - Schluter shower drain
E - Schluter kerdi shower base and curb
F - Kohler persuade circ toilet
G - Hansgrohe toilet paper holder
H - Ikea Godmorgen cabinet in white oak w/ Odensvik sink
J - Hansgrohe talis faucet
K - Hudson Reed Towel Warmer/ Radiator
L - Progress Lighting Vanity fixture
M - Halo recessed can light (for in shower)
N - Crossville Shades Vapor 12x24" unpolished wall & floor tile
O - Dark gray wall color - Bear Creek by Ben Moore
P - Crossville Shades Whites mosaic tile shower floor.

Cost Breakdown

Towel bar $50
Radiator towel warmer $450
Plumber to move radiator pipe: $201
Paint: $60
Wall and ceiling insulation: had free
Wall board & installation: free from larger job
Tile: $853
Kerdi: $551
Tile setters: $2060
Vent pipers & wall framers: $100
Toilet: $266
Shower head & controls: $420
Hand held shower: $240
Sink & vanity: $340
Vanity light: $173
Overhead cans & trim: $50?
Misc elec: $75
Misc plumbing: $200
Plywood & wall framing: $150
Window frosting: $30
Door: $60
Slender window glass: $275
Tp holder $52
Sink faucet: $190
Mirror: $110
Plumber to connect radiator: $320

Total cost: $7,276

Honestly not bad considering it was not a remodel, but a bathroom from scratch AND we hired some of it out!

Check out the Before & After here.

Bathroom Before & Afters


****I should be working or doing a billion other things, but I'm going to quickly do this post.****

A million, billion, trillion chocolate-dipped-Oreo thanks to Michelle from SoWonderfulSoMarvelous (& the Davester) for cleaning, staging and photographing the finished bathroom while I tried to keep my daughter from sitting on yours too much.

Here we go. Ugly, terrifying 


(*Well, sort of before because this bathroom didn't really exist. 
It was a closet and non-functioning bathroom/laundry room built mostly on the back porch. 
See the weekend when Marc went to Vegas and I tore that shit DOWN.)

It is hard to tell what the hell was going on in these photos because well,
 it was hard to figure out in real life what the hell was going on here.

And the beautiful, wonderful 


Quite the improvement right?

I'll post a material list and cost breakdown for y'all on Monday!

Have a great weekend.

We will be busy purging, staging, & prepping for the listing photographer on Tuesday. Eeeek!