11 Days Until Closing: The Cherry On Top?


So I was all set to do a post about the new paint color in the rental aka 85...
And then last night this happened:

I was upstairs in the hallway after putting Franca to bed and there was a simultaneous lightening strike/thunder boom literally in front of me. I honestly thought someone might have shot me. It was SO close. (Marc said it made his body shake and he was in the parlor. Neither girl woke up, which is incredible!)

Anyway, I went downstairs really shaken up about it. We chatted for about 10 mins and then I went back up to close windows. I was in our bedroom when I heard a loud noise outside followed by Marc charging up the stairs. Turns out, Marc was in the kitchen when the tree fell and he worried it hit Mina's room.

By some bizarre stroke of luck, the tree only caught the edge of the gutter even though it was leaning COMPLETELY over our house. Amazing. A branch is currently leaning on Franca's plastic picnic table, but everything else is fine.

Here are some old photos of the cherry tree.

To be honest, we knew this tree would eventually need to be taken down, but I wanted to hold off. It is such a beautiful tree, provided great shade, produced beautiful flowers and delicious cherries (if you can get to them before the birds do). I guess nature had other plans.

Farewell, our cherry tree.
You'll live on in some delicious BBQ smoke.

(how young do I look in these photos from 2008?)