33 Days


Marc and I figured out that in 33 days I will have a normal shower for the first time in about 10 years.

And that is to rightly imply that we found a rental in Metro Detroit. 

This "normal" shower may be a retro pink bathtub with a brass-framed sliding glass door, but as someone who lived almost 3 years in an apartment where my plastic shower stall surround literally touched my neighbor's plastic shower stall surround, this is big news. (The other ~7 years were all clawfoot tubs which look great in photos until you have to buy 4 shower curtains that just stick to you while you are showering. Good times.)

Her cigarette was totally edited out right?

This rental also boasts things like THREE bedrooms meaning Marc and I finally get our own room! I'm betting Mina is unknowingly excited about not hearing her dad snore (sometimes) or her mom get up to run at 7am. Plus, it has 1.2 baths! That's right folks. We've hit the big time.

We will be living in this rental sight-unseen* which is giving me all sorts of anxiety. If you remember a year ago, I drew the floorplan of our current rental and configured all of our furniture prior to move-in. This time? I've never even seen photos of two of the three bedrooms. Eek! I'm trying to remain calm.

*Technically, we did FaceTime with Marc's parents who were nice enough to look at rentals for us.  The one they saw right before the one we got was horrible! Dead bugs on most horizontal surfaces, a completely wood bathroom, many lights that did not work and disgusting dirty carpets. After that, this one seemed like a dream (and the other is STILL not rented).

The house is a little farther from a walkable downtown, but it is close to a really great rec center and pool. That means we will be in the market for a bike trailer.  (I'm thinking of going pretty inexpensive because we will likely be weight-rated out of it next year.)
Anyone recommend one?

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  1. have you seen this? http://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/1361-Nicolet-Pl_Detroit_MI_48207_M42501-17046?CID=prt300022

    there was a link off of apartment therapy today :)


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