April 15th


7 years ago today, we took possession of the original 86.


1 year ago today, we sat in the living room of the original 86 and signed a contract for its sale.

Neither is a day I regret, but I'd be lying to say that I'm not itching again.  I haven't demolished or made anything in a while (beside construction drawings for buildings and renderings of weird furniture).
We are currently in a weird state of limbo.  In exactly one month, we will start packing up to move to Detroit and into a very safe, very nice rental.  I will be happy to be somewhere comfortable while we adjust to our new life, but I'm also excited to see the possibilities for our future.
I'm really looking forward to getting a grasp on the city/metro area. We all see them all the time right?  Not just the Detroit "ruin porn", but also the articles about $1,000 houses. It is hard to know from afar (and maybe even while there) what the situation is really like.  All I know is, I'm ready to get my hands dirty again.
The rental has a detached 2 car garage and we hope to set up half as a workshop.  I have some ideas floating around that I'd like to put on paper and eventually to the table saw.  It also has a finished basement.  I plan on taking a big part of that over and organizing all our paper/craft/sewing "clean" work and play around with some ideas.
I've been thinking that I miss blogging, but then I realized that I just miss having creations and projects to blog about. This whole year since finishing 86 has been a creative lull for me. One that I probably needed after a 6 year long DIY renovation, but still, for someone like me, it's hard not to look back and wonder what the hell I did all year.
Again, no regrets, but I am excited for the future and maybe something big next April 15th?

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  1. I read the article and perused some of the listing from the $1000 houses - I almost sent it to you. Good luck on your move!!


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