Death Star Light


No question, this is a Star Wars fan house. So when Marc and I saw this light at IKEA, we knew we had to have it. Plus, the boob light over the dining table was just not going to cut it.

It is part of IKEA's PS 2014 collection which is part of a special series designed by 20 designers. This light fixture's designer is David Wahl, who admits:
"...The inspiration for the pendant lamp came from science fiction and videogames. The main idea is that the customer can change the shape of the lamp shade and the light output by pulling the string."

It looks pretty amazing at night too. 


And because nothing is ever easy for us, even in rentals

This is what I found when I went to turn off the breaker before swapping the light out. Only 2 labels. Ugh. Time to try them all.

Girls were sleeping, so Marc and I quickly did some walkie-talkie style cellphone conversation:  "Now?" "no", "Now? "no", "Now?" "yes" 'ing and got it turned off. Disturbingly, it seemed like half the lights in the house also turned off. That can't be good.

Anyway, I had to work quickly before Franca woke up and freaked out that the nightlight (aka bathroom light) was off. A quick trip to the garage for new wire caps, some cursing at dropped screws and basta! it was installed.

Check out this table also from the IKEA PS 2014 collection.

I need it! Sadly, it is not sold online and not available at our store.

Bummer. They say the inspiration was dim sum containers. Pretty cool.

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