The Benefits of Renting and the Dawn of Mina-zilla


You  might have heard the Detroit metro area got some rain yesterday resulting in flooding. We were unfortunately not spared. We ended up with about 6" of water in our basement. Nothing was damaged beyond an old laptop of mine and a bunch of stuff we should have purged pre-move anyway. We are going to try to save the rug (hence, the photo of Marc hosing it off).

The nice thing is our landlord is a great guy. He brought us over an industrial size dehumidifier and industrial fan. The decibel level right now in the basement is not really conducive to computer work, but what you gonna do, right? It's getting dry pretty fast.

Could have been much worse. Marc's sister drove over 3 hours last night from her office downtown and barely made it to our house. We already had his niece and nephew over for fun. It would have been a great sleepover party if Mina hadn't learned how to climb out of her crib the night before resulting in me being unable to put her to bed until she was thoroughly out of her damn mind at 10pm (while Marc was at the movies eating delicious popcorn and then not being able to get home due to flooding. Not that I'm mad about that, No, No...).

Speaking of Mina being out of her damn mind, that's pretty much a constant lately. She's not mean spirited, she's just crazy. Climbing, running, climbing, yelling, climbing, crying, climbing. Repeat. Then Repeat again. And Again. And once more for good measure.

I love the girl to pieces, but Mommy's trying to write a blog series about Detroit neighborhoods.

We've had a slight development on the possible relocation front, but nothing that I'm ready to share at all. (Marc's mom is going to call him 30 seconds after she read this bit. Love you Sue! You are the best. I really mean that you guys, she's great.)

Anyway, lots of rambling, but here's Mina in her big girl bed. Share a tear with me please. When did she get so BIG?

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  1. Sydney was like Mina - NOTHING kept that girl in her crib and she climbed everything - she had me a nervous wreck! We finally put her in a big girl bed at 2, turned the handle around so it locked form the outside, and locked her little butt in her room where she couldn't get into trouble or hurt herself. At least we were able to get some sleep at night that way! The daytime shenanigans didn't stop - she still climbs everything and tumbles constantly through the house. She's 11. Good luck! ;)


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